Our Sassy Story

Welcome to Sassy Aprons!

I'm Andrea (The Queen) and I started Sassy Aprons in 2014 as a result of many people requesting my sassy products. The environment of Sassy Aprons is commensurate with my personality -- I often get called "sassy pants" or "sassy britches" by those who know me.    

The rest of the group at Sassy Aprons are fun-lovin', party-goin', just regular enjoy life kind of people, who caught on to the sassy fever and thought it'd be fun to share sassy creations with the rest of the world. Everything we have was designed to have a good time around the kitchen, grill, or sipping drinks with friends.


Located in South Carolina, we sure have plenty of good southern sassiness to go around. While most people understand our humor, some still don't, but that's ok because we just like to have a ball anyway. We hope you look around and find something that fits your personality or the makes a great gift for friend.


How to contact us

Let us know if you have any questions.You can contact us at:

Email: thequeen@sassyaprons.com

Facebook: facebook.com/sassyaprons

Twitter: twitter.com/aprons_sassy

Pinterest: pinterest.com/sassyaprons1